Earn More In Selling Level-Up Loads

Earn More In Selling Level-Up Loads

How To Get My Assigned LoadXtreme SMS Gateway

Send all your commands to any of the following LoadXtreme(LX) Gateway Numbers. System replies (SMS) may contain your assigned gateway number. Please comply by using the gateway number assigned to your account. You may however use other gateway numbers as back-up to your assigned number.

(Odd) 0928-5220815 (Even) 0928-5220772

(Odd) 0917-5522615 (Even) 0917-5522616

(Odd) 0922-8587515 (Even) 0922-8587514

Use the appropriate gateway defined above. If your mobile phone number ends with an Even Number (2, 4, 6, 8), send your initial SMS command to gateways for Even Numbers. The same applies for phone numbers ending with Odd Numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9).

During online registration, it will be noted that you will receive your assigned gateway number via the registered email.

Learn How To Market Online The Right Way

How to powerfully market your product and build up a list of interested prospects online

  • Your product sales will increase if people know you, like you, and trust you. Before asking people to buy your product, offer them some amazing free content in exchange for their email address. Create landing pages and opt-in pages which convert with the click of a button.
  • After collecting their email address, deliver valuable content for FREE. This can be a video, a file download, or simple text. Doing this will build your reputation with your audience and increase the likelihood they will turn into buyers.
  • After warming up your prospects with free content, it’s time to show them your sales page.

Kajabi makes it easy to deliver effective sales pages which will convert your visitors into happy buyers.

Prepaid Kuryente Nationwide 2013

Kauna-unahang prepaid na kuryente sa bansa, sinimulan sa Calaca, Batangas

Prepaid kuryente, anim na buwang susubukan sa Brgy. Camastilisan sa Calaca, Batangas

Prepaid kuryente, susubukan ng Meralco na ipatupad sa 2013

Meralco Prepaid Electricity

Pilot testing of prepaid electricity done by midyear

Manila Electric Co., the country's largest power distributor, is hoping to complete the ongoing pilot technical testing of its prepaid retail electricity service in Angono, Rizal, by the middle of this year.

The testing currently covers around 200 households with an average monthly consumption of 200 kilowatt-hours per month.

There are plans to expand it to other areas such as Taytay, Binangonan and Pasig.

Through prepaid electricity, household customers could manage their consumption to match their budget and income.

Once the technical pilot is successful, the commercial pilot testing will follow and would involve around 2,000 customers.

Only residential customers will be covered by the pilot testing for the prepaid retail electricity service despite the recent ruling of the Energy Regulatory Commission that even large power users can avail of the service.

Meralco has allocated $7 million for the entire prepaid retail electric service system.
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