How To Load Amped Games

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Tantra -
Shaiya -
WarRock -
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Mini Fighter -

Step 1: Buy/Sell Load
How to buy/sell top-up load using your mobile phone
  • Create SMS message:
    LX LOAD <ID Number> <PIK> <Product Code> <Customer Mobile Number>
  • Send message to your assigned SMS Gateway
  • You will receive confirmation message
  • To Resend:
    LX RESEND <ID Number> <PIK> <Product Code> <ePIN Serial Number>

How to buy/sell load online
  • Go to
  • Locate and click Online Loading
  • Key-in your ID Number & PIK
  • Select Online Games from the Category drop-down list
  • Select Product
  • Key-in customer mobile phone number
  • Provide your e-mail address to recieve confirmation message
  • Click SEND LOAD button

Step 2: Top-Up
How to use top-up load
  • Log on to any of the following websites:,,
  • Click Top Up then enter your Registered User name and Password on the Amped page. Click Sign In.
  • On the Amped account portion found on the left side of your screen, click My Transactions and then click Top Up Now from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the PIN and Serial Number then click Submit. A validation page will appear confirming your transaction and your top up amount will be added to your Amped Credits.
  • Click Purchase products to transfer the Amped Credits to Tantra, Shaiya or WarRock currency.