Pa Piso-Pisong Dagdag - Selling/Ordering Products

How To Load Globe and TM - Piso Incremental OTA Loads

LX OTA <ID Number> <PIK> <Telco> <Amount> <Customer Cellphone Number>

LX OTA 5265585 656885 GLOBE 25 09195652155

Send the command to your assigned Gateway

Available for Globe and TM Subscribers only. Denomination ranges from 20 to 150 pesos only. Discount rate is 9.89% of Product Denomination.

  • Located on the top-part of this site, click Piso Incremental OTA Loads
  • A window will pop-up
  • Key-in your ID Number and PIK
  • Select Globe (also applicable for TM) from the Telco drop-down list
  • Key-in amount. Denomination ranges from 20 to 150 pesos only
  • Key-in your customer cellphone number. Use the format 09XXXXXXXXX
  • Put your e-mail address. Email is required for you to receive confirmation
  • Click the Send Load button