Smart Money Electronic Transfer - LX Load Wallet Replenishment

How to load E-Wallet using Smart Money

VMobile Smart Money No. 5299-6700-3841-8116
  1. Go directly to SMART MENU then select SMART MONEY
  2. Select TRANSFER then OTHERS
  3. Enter VMobile Smart Money Card No. 5299-6700-3841-8116
  4. TRANSFER FRM will appear, and then press OK
  5. Select the account you enrolled, and then enter the amount you wish to transfer
  6. Enter your W-PIN. A confirmation message will appear
After deposit has been made, make sure that you do either of the following to replenish your e-wallet.

Send the following SMS command to your assigned SMS Gateway

LX RELOAD <ID Number>/<PIK>/<Amount Transferred>/<Your Smart Money Card Number>/<Reference Number>/<Date>/<Time>

LX RELOAD 5265585/656885/15000/5336-5652-5696-5254/112554522/07-25-11/12:45AM

  • Log-in to your account at
  • On the left-side of the page, locate and click Request Reload under Transaction Tools
  • Key-in your PIK in the fields provided
  • Key-in the amount
  • If through bank deposit, indicate Bank branch;
  • If through online transfer, indicate Reference number.
  • Format for Date and Time should be mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm (am/pm) and the date/time you made the deposit or transaction.
  • Provide your Email for confirmation