How To Register VMobile/LoadXtreme Technouser/Technopreneur

Step 1:
Send your ID Number (located in front of the Access Card) and SAC (short for Subscriber Activation Code which is found at the back of the Access Card) to an LX Gateway number.

LX REG <ID Number> <SAC> <Birth Date> <Telco Code> <FullName>

LX  REG  5265585  532669544  05-25-1925  SMART  Casimiro Bukayo
  • Birth date should be in MM-DD-YYYY format.
  • Acceptable Telco codes are SMART, TNT, RED, GLOBE, TM and SUN only.
You will then receive a confirmation message containing your PIK (PIK is short for Personal Identification Key which is equivalent to an ATM PIN)

Step 2:
Update Business or Personal Address Information.

LX CHGADDR <ID Number> <PIK> <Complete Address>

LX  CHGADDR  5265585  656885  143 Tunog Kalye, Brgy. Matahimik, Pasig City

1. Located on the right-side of this site, click the Technouser / Technopreneur Online Registration link
2. On the Terms Of Use page, select Agree and click the Submit button
3. Fill-in the all the fields required:
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Select Region/Province/Town from the drop-down list
  • The Birth Date format should be mm/dd/yyyy, if no date specified (the field is left blank) the system will use the current date as Birth Date.
  • The Cell Number format should be 09xxxxxxxxx
  • The ID Number is located in front of the Access Card
  • The SAC (Subscriber Activation Code) can be obtained by scratching the portion found at the back of the Retailer Card purchased from your Dealer.
  • Your PIK will also be sent to your email, make sure your email is not shared to others. Change your PIK regularly.
4. Click the Submit button