What is LoadXtreme?

LoadXtreme is the first and revolutionary way in prepaid products distribution and marketing. This program utilizes the proprietary technology established in June 2003 known as Universal Prepaid Loading System or UPLoadS. This proven platform offers 24x7 access to multi-brand prepaid products and services nationwide utilizing automated Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Internet to receive and fulfill orders for prepaid top-up PINs.

LoadXtreme also revolutionizes electronic reloading or Over-The-Air loading for wireless telephony by providing a unified fully-automated electronic load dispensing facility for Smart Buddy e-Load, Globe AutoloadMax and SUN Expressload. With LoadXtreme, you can retail electronic top-up loads using any mobile phone without the need for any special retailer SIM!

In May 2008, LoadXtreme was absorbed and operated by VMobile Technologies Incorporated (VMOBILE). VMobile is the e-commerce arm of PENTA Capital Management Corporation. Under Penta Capital’s guidance, VMobile is poised to fulfill its vision: To provide business opportunity to people by employing technology as the means of empowerment.

Following are services, products and product types offered under the LoadXtreme™ banner:
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) reload for Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) top-up of AXS® Card for MRT3 fare payment
  • Prepaid Top-up Card PINs for:
    • Internet Services
    • Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) and other online RPG games
    • Mobile Telephony (wireless)
    • Wireline Telephony
    • Intermediary Mobile Phone International Messaging Services
    • Satellite Services
  • Prepaid Card PINs for:
    • Advertising Services
    • Online Education and Review Programs
  • Flower Delivery Services
  • Personal Accident Insurance
LoadXtreme™ was originally dubbed as Universal Prepaid Loading System (UPLoadSSM; est. June 2003). UPLoadSSM was later introduced to the public as LoadXtreme™ (August 2004) after a successful evaluation and acceptance by subscribers. LoadXtreme™ is just one of the time-tested and proven features of the mobile commerce platform created by the founding technical team of Portal.