What is a Technopreneur?

A Technopreneur enjoys a lifetime personal discount from using pre-paid products.

Also known as LoadXtreme Dealer, a Technopreneur can also engage in direct-selling of prepaid loads to all mobile networks carriers and to more than 250 prepaid products to the ever expanding market of prepaid load consumers using their existing mobile phones/SIM or via online retailing using Internet-connected computers. TechnoPreneurs earn additional income up to 14% in profit through e-loading.

As a TechnoPreneur, your e-load consumption and prepaid load purchases is always less than what it actually cost up to 14%. You'll get the same discount when you are selling e-load and prepaid products.

Both TechnoUser and Technopreneur can buy or sell prepaid products, but in terms of profit, there are advantages of being a Technopreneur...