What is a TechnoUser?

A Technouser primarily enjoys a lifetime personal discount from using pre-paid products.

Also known as a LoadXtreme Retailer, a Technouser is the main sales force of LoadXtreme. They earn additional income up to 12% in profit through e-loading as they engage in direct-selling of pre-paid loads to all mobile network carriers and to more than 250 pre-paid products to the ever expanding market of pre-paid load consumers using their existing mobile phones/SIM or via online retailing using Internet-connected computers.

As a TechnoUser, your e-load consumption and prepaid load purchases is always less than what it actually cost up to 12%.

You also get the same discount when you are selling e-load and prepaid products. An e-load retailer average daily sales is between P1,500 to P2,000.

Now that's easy business! Can you think of another way to gain profit that fast? Just imagine the earning potential if you have multiple e-loading business sites. You do the math!

Another way a TechnoUser can earn is by referring another TechnoUser to the VMobile-TechnoUser Affiliate Program (TAP) - Click here to learn more.