VMobile myLX 2.0 and Smart-Powered SIM

It's coming and make sure you READ the info about it when released. Here are some posts from Facebook by the VMobile Technologies CEO himself, Mr. Ismael Bengco III.

"myLX 2.0 is capable of integrating ANY and OTHER products NOW and in the FUTURE. That means, VMobile's myLX Empowerment Program pays commission both on sales of one-time subscription and consumable products, be it prepaid loads, cards, wellness and what-have-we. RESIDUAL INCOME is possible."

"The VMobile-Smart M-Power SIM is in progress and due for November. We are connecting to G-Cash Platform for the REAL-TIME REPLENISHMENT of LoadWallet. The enhancement of myLX (myLX 2.0) is already in place and we started training IBCs. Also, NTC accreditation of VMobile is still ongoing. This is part of our strategy to bring more innovations in the future."